Sonadiya Dwip, Island, Maheshkhali, Cox's Bazar [Travel Guide]

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Sonadia Island a gorgeous island of Maheshkhali upazila of Cox's Bazar district. the realm of this island is regarding nine sq metric linear unit. regarding fifteen metric linear unit northwest of Cox's Bazar district Sadar and Sonadia Island on the south of Maheshkhali Island. By a canal it's been torn aloof from Maheshkhali Island.

The sea beach, the capital of Bangladesh arenaceous rock on the ocean, the Kia-Nishindar bushes, the small-canal parabana and also the various species of mollusks have distinctive options. Sonadia Island's history of human settlement is just 100-125 years. The island is split into 2 zoos. East and west the full population of the island is regarding 2000 folks.

There square measure two mosques, one elementary school, one cyclone center, roughly twelve deep tube wells on this island. Compared to the jap half, the population is comparatively high. Fishing and fish drying, shrimp and fish fodder square measure the key occupations of the folks of the Ahran Islands.

Some folks conjointly add engine-operated boats associate degreed standard picket boats and work as an assistant to run them. thanks to the water being encircled, it's out of the question to provide enough food crops on this island. The daily wants square measure bought from all Maheshkhali.

The ideal place for encampment is Sonadia, friends will maintain tent along for a couple of days during a deserted island. specifically, on the moonlight night, you'll watch an evening encampment and bar BQ party on this Sonadia beach, see however stunning the globe is.

How to go
Cox's Bazar, Dhaka, Kamalapur, Sayedabad, Kalyanpur, and anyplace within the country, should travel initial by bus, train or the other vehicle. From Cox's Bazar Kasturi stairs to powerboat or engine-driven boat, then Maheshkhali can have to be compelled to go. during this case, you have got to come back to Cox's Bazar at stairs from Labani purpose.

You will get a powerboat to travel to Maheshkhali, the rent are Tk seventy five per person, it'll take 12-15 minutes to achieve Maheshkhali Gate. If you're afraid to ride a powerboat, you'll ride on a ship, rent thirty rupees, it'll take 45-50 minutes.

Going to Maheshkhali Gate, the ricksha can escort Gorakghata Bazar, Rent twenty Bangladeshi monetary unit subsequently you may have to be compelled to move to Ghatbhanga, twenty four metric linear unit distance from Gorakhghata to Maheshkhali. If 3-4 folks will take a CNG ghatabhanga, rent 150-170 Bangladeshi monetary unit.

From here there's to travel to Sonadia Island once more within the engine boat. Sonadia crossed the Sonadia Channel within the ferry boat once breaking the ghatabhanga. don't have an excessive amount of water within the canal throughout the autumn. There square measure 2 ways in which to travel to Sonadia. Boat whereas walking or tide. throughout the tide each day, just one trawler left from West Sonadia to Ghatibhanga. The trawler took the passengers during a whereas then came. The rent is twenty five Bangladeshi monetary unit every

To carry Sonadia West from Ghatibhanga to the west, there's just one boat on the day. looking on the tide-raising throughout the boat, typically deed at 10am or 11am. at intervals 40-50 minutes, you may reach Sonadia, rent each twenty five Bangladeshi monetary unit. slightly below the boat, there's a building within the forest department, you'll rest there, or sit for a short while, in close Zhabbagan. Then raise the locals to depart the beach, 10-15 minutes walk on the beach beaches.

Walking from Ghatibhanga to Sonadia, it's a bit tough. If you walk you may have to be compelled to move to Sonadia East Para, there's no arrangement for consumption there, thus going west is healthier.

It is to be noted that there square measure arrangements for direct trip to the Sonadia Island by reserve powerboat directly from Cox's Bazar. He needs to pay more money than the fastened rate. those that love traveling journey, will move to Sonadia Island by powerboat directly from Cox's Bazar, at some additional value.

Another excellent news, currently you'll move to Maheshkhali directly within the automobile. those that square measure afraid to board the boat or wish to require a non-public automobile, they're going to have to be compelled to move to Cox's Bazar or on the means from capital of Bangladesh / city. Going from Chakaria to machine / CNG Badkhakhali then machine / CNG to travel to Gorakghata market.

Where to remain, wherever to eat

There is no residential building for tourists on Sonadia Island. there's no specific system for consumption. If they provide cash to the native folks, they organize food. And within the case of the night of Sonadia Island, the native residents conjointly have faith in the native residents. However, puzzling over the pain of being within the night, those that can return before sunrise are empty truth great thing about Sonadia Island.

The sunset here is even additional extraordinary. within the evening, the white feathers were ripped during a row, and that they were flown to their address.

The red tip on the forehead of the blue air. Suddenly, once the sun goes down, it's a pleasant surroundings created within the ocean. And tonight on Sonadia Island is one in all the simplest night of your life.

If you wish to pay the night, you may have to be compelled to keep within the house of the locals. during this case, a boy named Ghiasuddin are able to organize for them to eat and provides them one thing reciprocally.

If you say it from the start, it'll create arrangements for feeding cannon fodder or fish, before that he has been able to facilitate some tourists. If you wish to be within the workplace of Forest Department, then you may have to be compelled to get permission from the employees there.

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